Running with a Purpose – Hess Houston Corporate Run 5k



“Joining 100+ companies across the region in this corporate health and wellness initiative.”  Take a look at our people shine!







On Tuesday October 23rd we were honored to participate with our coworkers in the Hess Houston Corporate Run that was in the Memorial Park.

The run was designed to support heath and wellness initiative for everyone in a corporate setting. While everyone was running/walking there were tips and facts about wellness and how it transitions into the workplace.

Half of our team took off in a high-spirited jog, while the others settled into a steady pace, determined to see the finish line. During the event, we were surrounded by the beautiful restorations done to Memorial Park on one side while watching the heart of Houston in its bustle on the other. Through the tight muscles and sore legs that only come after three miles of valiant effort, everyone emerged victorious and were rewarded with Cadillac Bar Mexican Restaurant catering! Nothing brings the life back into your eyes like fajitas.

It was wonderful to see all of our coworkers out there enjoying nature and laughing with one another. This event did a wonderful job bringing invigorating wellness into our sacred routine of work.