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Insuring a vehicle can be expensive but if you don't have it when you need it the loss will be devastating. Don't jeopardize your safety and well being to cheap or low rated insurance carriers. Speak to a Gibraltar insurance agent to ensure you have the coverage and protection you need. Gibraltar Insurance Services offers products from multiple different insurance companies and we can find you a great product and a great price.

Don’t forget to ask about:

  • Rental Reimbursement
  • New Car Replacement
  • Road Side Assistance

Auto Insurance FAQs

Why do my teenage children cost so much to insure?

Younger drivers are not as careful drivers, they have more claims and tend to cause more accidents. As your driver stays claim free and ticket free the rate will decrease as they get older.

Should I carry Uninsured Motorist?

1 in 5 drivers in Texas are Uninsured, if you are hit by an uninsured driver the cost to repair your vehicle will be your responsibility. We always recommend carrying uninsured motorist.

What is "full coverage" ?

"Full coverage" refers to carrying comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy. This coverage is required to repair your vehicle in the case you cause an accident or your vehicle is damaged in a flood or fire.

What coverage does my lender require for my vehicle?

Most lenders require "Full Coverage" but they often have different deductible requirements so check with your lender for specifics.

Why does my auto insurance premium increase when I haven't had any claims?

If you add drivers or change vehicles this can affect your rate. Also some carriers may increase premiums for all drivers in certain areas, talk to your Gibraltar insurance agent about reviewing other company options.

Auto Insurance Discounts

Save more on your Auto Insurance with:

Multi-Vehicle Discount

Save money insuring multiple vehicles under one policy.

Advanced Purchase Discount

Often buying your auto policy 10 days in advance or more can provide significant discounts.

Safe Driver Discount

The safer you are on the road the cheaper your policy will be.

Live Driving Discount

Want to save even more? Ask for a monitoring device to install in your car to get instant savings.

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