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Frequently asked questions

I have damage to my windshield. Should I file a claim and what is my deductible?

You can file a claim, depending on your policy coverage it will be covered with no deductible applied as long as it is just a crack that needs a fill. If you need to replace the entire windshield then your deductible will apply.

My toilet overflowed! What do I do now?

Turn off the water, and then do anything you can to immediately prevent further damage. We recommend calling a water restoration company like ServPro that will help you immediately remediate the water. Call Gibraltar Insurance Services and we will assist you in filing your claim or you can contact your carrier directly. Usually a claims adjuster will take a day or two to contact you to inspect the damage so don’t wait start cleaning up that water as soon as possible.

I was hit in the parking lot, there is no note! Will my insurance cover the damage?

Your policy MAY cover the damage, if you carry full coverage on the vehicle that was hit or if you carry uninsured motorist on that car. Call Gibraltar Insurance Services and we can help determine if you have coverage.

Do I have to PAY the deductible out of pocket before the insurance company pays my claim?

No, your claim payment will be adjusted by the amount of your deductible. If your total claim was $2200 and you have a $500 deductible the insurance company will cut you a check for $1700.

How do I File a claim?

You can always call Gibraltar Insurance Services or fill out the claim form here, one of our Gibraltar insurance agents will contact you with more information. You can also contact your insurance company directly, they will assist you in filing your claim.

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